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About the Owner

Hi I'm Justus McGee, owner of Soul Fresh Spring Rolls. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, but I have lived in North Carolina since 2004. I arrived in the Old North State after enlisting in the US Army as a paratrooper. After one deployment to Afghanistan in 2006 and completing an 8-year commitment to the US Army, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades Education at North Carolina Central University. I then embarked on a career teaching at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.

A passion for cooking since day one 

I have always loved being in the kitchen; it was often a necessity when I was growing up. As one of eleven children, with my parents both working, I often cooked for my younger siblings. Spaghetti was my go-to dish! I was also very inspired by my grandpa Arthur, whose culinary skills were legendary. I started making my own BBQ sauce at 10 years old, that same recipe is what became our Black is Beautiful BBQ Sauce. Good cooks run in my family, and I am proud to carry on that tradition! 

Serving others through food

My passion has always been serving others, whether it was starting my own nonprofit, S.M.A.R.T. Concepts Inc., or as a paratrooper in the US Army. The idea for Soul Fresh Spring Rolls was manifested in the barracks at Fort Bragg on Smoke Bomb Hill. My buddy Jeremy and I would hold BBQs every Friday in front of our barracks for our fellow soldiers. They would always tell us how good our food was, and I loved getting to come together and enjoy a good meal with good friends. 

After leaving the Army in 2009, I pursued a degree in Middle Grade Education at North Carolina Central University. I earned my degree in 2012 and began teaching as a 5th grade teacher. I later went on to teach at the middle school level, and then taught high school mathematics.


During my time as a teacher and self-styled foodie, I would visit food trucks around the Triangle but was always struck by the lack of variety. There were tons of taco trucks, hamburger trucks and fried food trucks but not many healthier food options. I also began watching documentaries about how our food is massed produced, and I became determined to open my own food truck so that I could give consumers food that is locally sourced and minimally processed. 

So fresh. Eat clean.

My truck uses organic vegetables, spices, and non-GMO foods. We get many of our veggies from farmers' markets in the local area, and partner with other local businesses for ingredients for our rolls. For example, Piri Catering, (piridurham.com) makes the greens that are in our Thanksgiving Roll.

I feel very strongly that it's important to know where my food comes from and I want the same for my customers. At Soul Fresh Spring Rolls, our motto is "So fresh. Eat clean." We make all of our spring rolls to order, hand-rolled right in front of our customers and prepare all of our signature sauces from scratch. This process is definitely labor intensive but we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best! 

Soul Fresh Spring Rolls will provide our customers with spring rolls produced with fresh and minimally processed ingredients. Our tireless pursuit to give consumers healthier, nutrient filled options exemplifies our approach to create a sustainable lifestyle for our employees and investors.

Executive Summary

Soul Fresh Spring Rolls LLC is a mobile food business formed in the fall of 2017. Based out of Durham, NC, Soul Fresh Spring Rolls plans to feed consumers who are looking for fresh,
healthier options but also food with superior taste. We plan to deliver our product to live
events such as farmers markets,  summer/street festivals, sporting events or private events such as office gathering, social events. We plan to produce and package our rolls frozen to distributors and retailers around North Carolina.


We produce non-traditional flavored spring rolls made with fresh and minimally processed ingredients. They are grilled never deep fried in grapeseed oil. We offer over 10 unique combinations such as Buffalo Chicken and Kale, BBBQ Chicken, Sweet Potato and Black Bean (vegan friendly) and much more. They all come with a variety of dipping sauces that pair perfectly with the crispy rolls. Soul Fresh catering is available for customers who would like to bring our unique food to their personal event.

3108 Glen Road, Durham,

North Carolina 27704


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